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This announcement pertains to our FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW AND SHINE ONLY!!!!

Soooooo HERE IT IS...... the announcement that everyone knew was coming but we did not want to make....

First, and most importantly, we hope you and your families are all well.  As a car club we have to look at this unprecedented time in our lives as a relentless rain storm… not conducive to getting together for a car show.  We hope this storm will pass, but some things are simply not in our control.

We have been in contact (distantly) over the past month.  With Canadian Tire now closed, the decision becomes a little easier to make.  We have no electricity, no washrooms, no storage and no food in the area.  It is doubtful that we can even get liability insurance.

With all that being said, We are NOT canceling the entire season at this time.   This may or may not change, depending on how this health crisis unfolds.  Optimistically, we are hoping to proceed with a revised, shorter season beginning Friday, July 3rd.  A decision will be made after considering all available facts, closer to the middle of June.

Please, please, please, keep your chins up,  your rides shined,  and stay safe….. alone.


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