Organizers, Roxy, Shaune, Blaine,
Ron & Councillor Ron Starr
– Photos by Kathryn Harrod

The Mississauga Classic Car Club (MCCC) was originally conceived in 1997 and proudly based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Over the years we have embraced the “ALL MAKES, ALL MODELS, ALL YEARS” concept and have had cars from  the 1920’s to current day.  As long as you own it and enjoy it and drool over cars, we welcome you as a member.

And – to help you become a member, we have created a simple 3 step ‘membership’ program:

(Please Note: PDF will open in new tab – go to top ‘right’ corner of PDF page to download document.)

(1)   MCCC_Membership rules+CofC. – the ‘Membership Rules & Code of Conduct’.

(2)   Download and fill in the ‘MCCC  Membership  Form‘  – don’t forget to ‘tick’ off that you have read the Rules & Code of Conduct’  🙄

(3)   And finally – Join us for cruise night or similar event, and we will complete the membership process with you.  DONE!!

If you are wondering ‘why’ we did not do everything ‘on-line’ ….. well… simple.  Our members are important and we want to meet you and see your special car!  Our members are not just ‘numbers & names on-line’ – they are real!!

Our members are as varied as our cars – working in all industries,  everything from corporate executives, computer wiz’s , mechanics to wannabe mechanics, to own businesses and even retired –  we are in our 20’s and 70’s as well.  We enjoy a day cruising in the country or a day at the track.  Anything about cars will usually draw us in.  During the winter months we try to meet the first Sunday of the month to lie, talk business, plan our summers, and make sure everyone is getting the work done they had planned.

For additional membership information –  please contact us at: