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….. and so it began….

(left to right)    Mike, Roxy, Don, Jack, Councillor Ron Starr, Ron, Blaine, Carl, Councillor Stephen Dasko

As with most things in life, good ideas and necessity are the mothers of all inventions. In the summer of 1997 the 3 founding members banded together, after losing their storage spots, to find a place that they could store their cars and work on them over the winter months. The space located was larger than anticipated and it was decided that the space could be rented to others, like themselves, wanting a space to store and work

From these beginnings of 9 cars to presently 40 cars being stored and worked on and many are waiting to get in – and a Club was formed.  The one common factor: “We are All Car Crazy” – no prima donnas here – everyone gets dirty – and must work on their own car.  Although MOPARS were the model of the day the Club quickly embraced the “ALL MAKES, ALL MODELS, ALL YEARS” philosophy that rules the Club today.

….. and continued ….

As the Club grew and grew up, helping those less fortunate became the challenge and through our beloved hobby we raise money yearly for local charities and children charities.  We chose the smaller charities with less national clout that need help and do great work within the community.

We run raffles, donation drives, and show and shines.  Our Saturday Night Show and Shine Cruise is co-sponsored by several area businesses, where we swap lies, enjoy music, raise some money and look at the beauties from our youth ….. the cars from that era, in addition to the muscle cars of today that will be tomorrow’s classics.

We have hosted and co-hosted many events over the past 20 years –  “Classics in the Country”, “Planet Ford Roundup”, A & W “Friday Night Cruise In”, Stage West” Oldies Dinner & Dance”,  “Classics On The Square” (co-hosted with Councillors Ron Starr and George Carlson) at Mississauga City Hall Celebration Square.

….. and continues today ….

We continue with changes, notably, BEGINNING IN MAY, our SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW & SHINE HAS MOVED TO THE DIXIE VALUE MALL.  It’s going to be a little further for some, a little closer for others, but we believe that this new location has a lot to offer everyone.

You’re welcome to join us!