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Welcome to the Mississauga Classic Car Club

The club was originally named 'Mississauga Muscle Car Club', but modified in 1998 to represent the broader cross section of cars joining the Club. We have Dodge, Plymouth, Fords, Mercury, Chevy, Pontiac's, Cadillac's, Mercedes, M.G.'s, ½ tons, motorcycles ... and more... - from 100 hp to over a 1000 hp.

The Club believes that everyone who enjoys cars has their own favourite for whatever reason, whether it was the first car they owned, or the first car they were kissed in, and we are no different.   All Members must be CAR NUTS and willing to get grease under their finger nails - and we encourage the younger generation to join us on our Friday night cruise to show off whatever their dream car is.  Young, old or in-between - we do not discriminate!

You are most welcome to join us!!

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